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Fair Trade, Ethical, Organic and Recycled Products.


"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

Do you find it difficult to find the organic, ethical or eco products you want? You want to make a

Image of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania buckle shoe from Melissa
Eco Footwear
difference, but how? We agree, whilst there are a number of new "green" shopping sites on the web,  we thought it was worthwhile creating a website which brings together as many green products as possible in one "shop" . So what you have here is a comprehensive price comparison site for a huge range of eco-friendly, ethical, organic, recycled and environmentally friendly products.

Image of white cotton tunic dress by Jackpot
Fairtrade & Eco Dresses
We sell a wide range of products from People Tree, Natural Collection, Gossypium, Ecotopia, Biome Lifestyle, Nigels Eco Store, Terra Plana, Evengreener, Ethical Superstore and Seasalt.

At Greeningengland we especially love our gadgets and toys...we've got a wide selection of cool wind up gizmos such as radios, torches, MP3 Media players, and even wind up ducks for the kids to get to grips with the whole concept of saving energy. If you are looking for solar powered gadgets we have a plentiful supply - solar phone chargers, solar lighting, we even have a solar hat to keep your head cool!

Image of Pico solar charger from Freeloader
Solar Powered
On a serious note, solar power is currently a free resource and something worth getting to grips with, we stock a range of solar power stations that are a great way to get started, perhaps providing power to an outbuilding, caravan or home office.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy browsing our site and find the products on offer both reasonably priced and thought provoking.

 Money Saving Gadgets - with the "credit crunch" really starting to bite we're all looking for ways to save a few pounds, we've put together a small selection of our favourites here...

For fab results, and for the complete environmentally friendly laundry, we've put together our favourite environmentally friendly laundry products in one set. Ekoballs, Dryer Balls and Ecover laundry bleach.

Compare eco ball prices

Eco Balls and other washing accessories
Image of eco kettle 2

An ingenious invention: The Eco Kettle has a unique double chamber that enables you to measure out exactly how much water you want to boil, saving energy, water, money and time, making it very enviro friendly.. and you still get to have a great cup of tea or coffee!

Compare kettle prices

We aim to show the best selection of earth friendly homewares the green market has to offer, including Fair trade furniture and home furnishings from Myakka and the Fair Trade furniture company.

Organic bed linen, towels, blankets and throws.

Our toy section includes educational and fun toys and games for children, including the very fab Treepee swinging tent, cardboard play houses from Paperpod and some cuddly hand made soft toys.

We also have a wide range of gadgets, including wind up radios, energy saving lights, and electricty monitors to help you control your energy use and do your bit for the planet, and in these days of ever escalating fuel prices, help stabilise and even reduce your ongoing energy costs.


 Please do have a browse, and do come back, and please tell your friends! Oh, and don't forget our range of recycled stuff!!

You can rest assured that Greening England only source products from proven reputable companies in the organic, ethical and fair trade markets.

The "Enviro-Friendly" are precociously fluent and passionate when it comes to the environment, whether the topic is global warming, endangered species or recycling. Environmental issues bring out the very best in people, willing to give their time, energy and money to promote eco friendly causes. At Greening England we are passionate about the environment and demand that the products we promote, be sourced and produced in a more ethical and sustainable way, thereby reducing the impact of conventional manufacture on the environment.

Do you feel strongly that the use of eco-friendly products and ethical manufacture is the only way forward. Do you want to live in a world where "dog eat dog" is the chosen mantra? We don't.

We are featured in the FreeIndex Organic Clothing directory.










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