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  • Nigels Eco gifts and saving Energy

    03 December 2009

    Nigels Eco Store - Xmas gifts not usually found on the high street and some money saving, energy conserving ideas...

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    Be different…

    nigel gifts

    Thank you to everyone who's written in with suggestions for new products, and what we should highlight in this newsletter. Here goes...

    So that you can pop in and check out the latest gear, we've launched a new products area. As we bring in stock, it's listed and then drops out after about two weeks. And, to help the Xmas budget, we've grouped some key items into under £5, £5-£10 and £10-£20.

    Happy Shopping:  Click Here


    new eco gifts
     Nigel's inside track to best sellers
    Solar Robot Pedal Lite Scout Toy Water Bottle Fingerless Mittens
    Solar Robot £14
    Buy Now Solar Robot
    Pedal Lite £40
    Buy Now Pedal Lite
    Scout Toy £25
    Buy Now Scout Toy
    Water Bottle £10
    Buy Now Water Bottle
    Mittens £16
    Buy Now Fingerless Mittens
    cheap green energy

    My last word this year on energy saving. Radiator boosters are still our No. 1 best seller, saving customers £100s on their heating bills. If you haven't clicked through, have a read.

    As you'd expect, the solar fairy lights are also in demand. On a bright winter day there's enough sunlight for these to throw out a beautiful glow that looks really wonderful, and has the added advantage of using natural FREE energy.

    Finally, the solar garden globes. These were bestsellers in the summer, and with evenings drawing in, the light these globes throw off are great for keeping your garden part of the home.





    Energy Saving Solar Lights

     Stocking fillers
    Eco Grease Green playing cards Santa torch Lip Balm Grow Your Own Xmas Tree
    Eco Grease £5
    Buy Now
    Green playing cards £4
    Buy Now
    Santa torch £5
    Buy Now
    Lip Balm £3
    Buy Now Lip Balm
    Grow A Xmas Tree £3
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