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About Us

Eco Shopping at the Greening England Eco Shop

Fairtrade, climate change, eco-friendly, ethical fashion, eco fashion and green generation, these are all words that can be read on any one of a thousand websites. Great keywords to impress the search engines of this world, but do they really tell you about who you’re buying from? Or are they now just additional entries in the web marketing handbook?

 Of course, all of the above are laudable examples of today’s green language, but for us, the only question that really matters is “do our kids deserve better”?

Our Principals.


Our “virtual territory is not for sale”. We do not take payment in return for featuring products in prominent positions on our site. Any advertising on our site is sourced only from proven Ethical Companies who supply a range of products and services that compliment our own.

Our relationship with our customers is not up for sale at any price. We do not record customer and address details, nor do we sell or trade statistics from our site. Our newsletter is double opt. in, and this information is stored solely for the distribution of the newsletter.

Our suppliers appear on the merits of their products and services and their ethical credentials, not because they have a big advertising budget.

We generate revenue only if you buy a product, are happy with the product and the service you receive, and if you trust our site enough to return, and buy again in the future.

Who we are.


James D